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General Instruction

Baseball: Play The Winning Way by Jerry Kindall

Playing Better Baseball - This book, written by former major league player and University of Arizona coach Jerry Kindall, emphasizes the individual player's role in carrying out team strategy.

Dave Winfield: The Complete Baseball Player - Former major leaguer Dave Winfield covers every aspect of the game in this book illustrated with photographs, diagrams and computer graphics.

Converse All Star Baseball: How To Play Like A Pro
Skills And Drills For Better Baseball by John Stewart - Provides instruction for young players on all aspects of baseball, including batting, running the bases, pitching, catching, and fielding.

How to Hit/How to Pitch: A Complete Self-Coaching System For Winning Baseball - A book for intermediate to advanced players and coaches, written by the pitching instructor of the Oakland A's.

Baseball Rules In Pictures - The complete Official Playing Rules presented in text and illustrations.

Baseball: Field and Equipment - (Play It Like a Pro) by Bryant Lloyd.

Batting And Baserunning

Ted Williams: The Science of Hitting - This classic treatise by Hall of Famer Ted Williams emphasizes practice and determination, along with a solid mental approach to hitting.

Hit Your Potential: Mastering The Ted Williams Approach -Author Stephen J. Ferroli has been personally selected by Ted Williams as his "technical successor." This book is geared toward youth league players.

The Art Of Hitting .300 by Charlie Lau - Lau, an influential former major league batting coach, describes the common elements used by all successful hitters and presents them as "The Ten Absolutes of Good Hitting."

Tony Gwynn: The Art of Hitting - An instructional guide that breaks hitting down into its essential components, this book also includes interwoven commentary and an overview of Gwynn's career.

Dusty Baker: You Can Teach Hitting - A learning guide for players of all ages, but especially for young players trying to master the fundamentals.

The Mike Schmidt Study - Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt teams up with 12 major league hitting instructors on this book designed to help Little League coaches teach young players how to hit.

Offensive Baseball Drills by Rod Delmonico - 68 hitting, baserunning and team drills.

Hit And Run Baseball by Rod Delmonico - Tips on hitting, running, bunting and sliding.

High Percentage Baserunning - by Harold S. Southworth.


The Mental ABC's of Pitching : A Handbook for Performance Enhancement - A veteran professional pitching instructor emphasizes approaching the game one pitch at a time and focusing on processes rather than results in this well-organized book.

Tom Seaver: The Art of Pitching - Hall of Famer Tom Seaver emphasizes the mechanics of pitching as well as mental preparation.

Nolan Ryan's Pitcher's Bible - A pitching guide that stresses conditioning and mechanics, and features a special "flick book" that graphically demonstrates Ryan's pitching motion.

Fit To Pitch - by Tom House.

The Winning Pitcher ... by Tom House Sixteen major league pitching stars, including Nolan Ryan, Don Sutton, Rich Gossage, Bert Blyleven, Bruce Sutter, Phil Niekro and Orel Hershiser, demonstrate what it takes to be an ace.

The Pitching Edge - Tom House, a former major league pitcher and pitching coach, explains how grip, angle and mechanics affect the flight of the ball. Conditioning and mental preparation are also covered.

Sports Illustrated Pitching - Author Pat Jordan covers mechanics and strategies of pitching, including conditioning and technique.

The Craft Of Pitching - Former major league All Star and pitching coach Larry Jansen discusses the mental processes that produce the physical dynamics of pitching.

Pitching From The Ground Up - by Bob Bennett.

Fielding And Defense 

Defensive Baseball - College coach Rod Delmonico demonstrates position-by-position as well as overall team defensive strategies.

Baseball Defensive Drills - by Rod Delmonico.

Complete Guide To Outfield Play - A systematic, comprehensive treatment of playing the outfield.

Mental And Physical Preparation 

Heads-Up Baseball - Author Ken Ravizza teaches that confidence can be built by keeping a positive mental outlook, and outlines a plan to develop conditioned responses to pressure situations.

The Mental Game Of Baseball - A guide that helps players channel their mental energy into positive thoughts.

Complete Conditioning For Baseball - 85 drills and exercises for players to do on the field and in the weight room, including 111 illustrations showing correct techniques.


Science Of Coaching Baseball by Jerry Kindall - This book teaches coaches and players to apply the principles of motor learning, sport psychology, biomechanics, exercise physiology, sports medicine, and nutrition.

The Fundamentals Of Coaching Baseball - This book provides an in-depth guide to organizing offensive and defensive systems, as well as the mechanics of hitting, baserunning, pitching, catching and fielding.

Coaching Baseball Successfully - Written primarily for high school and college coaches, this book covers drills and strategies, coaching philosophies, evaluating players, working with school administrators, fund-raising, game and practice preparation and player motivation.

Coaching Pitchers - An instruction book that emphasizes fundamentals to help coaches quickly recognize good and bad pitching form.

Baseball Coach's Survival Guide - Practical techniques and materials for building an effective program and a winning team.


Minor Players, Major Dreams
The inside story of Minor League baseball - written by Comets player Brett Mandel.



Ball Four
Jim Bouton's tell-all book that told the true behind-the-scenes story of the Majors - a true Baseball classic.



Pure Baseball
Keith Hernandez takes readers through two baseball games pitch-by-pitch - truly educational.



Lords Of The Realm
John Helyar's look at the dollars and cents approach to the game - it's not personal, it's business. 



Shoeless Joe
W.P. Kinsella's tale of an Iowa farmer who summons baseball's ghosts in his corn field - the book that inspired the movie "Field of Dreams." 



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