"Meaning of the Rose of Sharon in Scripture."

"If you as the plantings of GOD, will live exactly according to MY Word, you are planted by
the River of the Water of Life."--- FATHER DIVINE





Given at 1887-1889 Madison Avenue, N.Y.C. - December 3, 1941 A.D.F.D.

The Mount of the House of the Lord

The Mount of the House of the Lord




I did not arise to say so much, but I thought to convey that thought for your consideration, and bring out from the hidden mysteries what I had mentioned concerning the Rose of Sharon and what the Rose of Sharon means in the Scripture and what it was parably depicting as being a tree that is planted by the river of water that bringeth forth its fruit in its season, and the leaves shall not wither.

So you can plainly see, if you as the plantings of GOD, will live exactly according to MY Word, you are planted by the Waters of the River, and the River of the Water of Life, for you will flourish as a Green Tree, as an Evergreen Tree that shall not wither in the heat of the sun.

To the Rosebuds and others who are the plantings of the LORD: substantiate yourselves and glorify yourselves in your GOD, and substantiate yourselves in HIS Holiness and in HIS Virginity, and the Glory of HIS Majesty will be your protection even as the River of the Waters of Life that is flowing so freely, and the planted tree that is planted by the River of Waters draws its sustenance of life from the River of the Waters of Life that prohibits the leaves from even so much as withering. Aren't you glad!

These thoughts are well worth considering! As you live it and express it and stay planted by the River, you will get your sustenance and substance of Life from the River of the Water of Life which is your CHRIST, your GOD, your REDEEMER, and your SAVIOR and you will represent that Tree itself that is planted by the River of Waters.

When I speak of the Rosebuds, I showed you conclusively in that little illustration that the Rose of Sharon was not merely the Bud, the Bloom, or the Blossom, it was not and it is not merely the leaves or the stem, but these of which I just mentioned are the offspring of the Rose of Sharon. Can you not see the mystery! And depicting the mystery of what you are representing, I thought to make it a little more explicit so you could understand it a little better, and as I reveal the mystery I would go back to the Scripture of the Psalmic prediction of David--the first one. I mean the first Psalm which he spoke so vividly concerning the Tree that was planted by the River of Waters which means the Rose of Sharon, the Evergreen Tree, and you are the offspring, although you may not have known it.

(Read the balance of this wonderful Message found in the The New Day under date March 20, 1982 - Pg. 20)






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