"GOD, Through His Condescension, Always Did Come in the Most Insignificant Expression."

HIS Followers Believe FATHER DIVINE Fulfils the Scriptural Prophecy of the Second Coming of
Christ for the Christian World and the Coming of the Messiah for the Jewish World.









"GOD, through His Condescension, always did come in the most insignificant, in the place and places that HE was most needed. GOD did not come in the name of Pharaoh in the land of Egypt, "Hebrew-ly" speaking; but HE came in the most insignificant, as though HE was coming as an illegitimate child; for they did not know from whence Moses came.

"Firstly, little Joseph was sold down in Egypt. That was a mystery, and he was sold as a slave; but yet GOD lifted him above others who were not of his class - as a slave. So the mystery should be plain, that all might distinctly understand. Why is it that GOD comes in the most insignificant, the most illiterate, the most underprivileged, the most downtrodden among the children of men? HE comes among them that HE might lift them and bring down the loftiness of the mighty, the great and the self-exalted. Pharaoh, in his haughtiness and mightiness, could not stand against the Power of the Almighty transmitted; although it came in the most insignificant, yet he could not stand against it. That is the mystery.

"Then I say, in reference to the condescension of GOD to Israel, this was merely an expression to the Israelites and to those who were called Jews. GOD appeared to them at that time, in the time of need, the same as I appeared in this dispensation, in and at the time of great depressions, lacks, wants and limitations; at the time of your need.

"When every human agency and every human possibility shall have failed you, then and only then will GOD appear; for GOD cannot work effectively, neither can HE appear to be seen distinctly wheresoever other things are represented and considered. Therefore those things must come to their destination, and man must come to his complete extremity, that GOD might have an opportunity to come; even so much as to come, and especially that GOD might have an opportunity to be ushered into expression and be considered before the masses. For this cause, it was essential and it has always been, for GOD to appear at the time and in places where HE is most needed. That is the mystery.

"In the likeness of the Jews CHRIST came, as said the Scriptures, from an orthodox point of view, orthodoxly speaking:

He came unto His own, and His own received Him not.

He was obliged to return to those who were called the Gentiles. There were a very limited few who received Him; for a prophet has no honor in his own country, and "a prophet is not without honor, saving in his own country." For this cause, GOD through His condescension used Jesus as a person, as a representative, that others from each and every angle might direct their mind and attention in that direction. As a Sample and as an Example Jesus demonstrated Himself and His Majesty as a Person, that others might copy after the Fashion HE was showing them, and do as HE told them.

"A higher order of things has been lifted by GOD through the Name called Jesus, but CHRIST was considered as the Christian world considers the Messiah transmitted, inculcated and reincarnated and personified in the likeness of sinful flesh. They observed the CHRIST to be Jesus and Jesus to be the CHRIST - 'The Messiah,' One who was to come; but what said the Jewish Religion concerning the mystery? 'CHRIST, or GOD, is a piece of fire.' It is true,

our GOD is a consuming fire.

GOD is as the principle of mathematics. It is a light of understanding. It will consume all misunderstanding until there will not be room for misunderstanding in your consideration. That is the mystery of GOD and the mystery of mathematics. Hence, it works accurately and when it is worked out perfectly from every angle expressible, it will dispel all misunderstanding misunderstanding will be lost or consumed, and you will not be able to find it, for GOD is that Fire that has consumed it. Aren't you glad?

"The mortal versions of the Christian Religions, especially, a good many of them, preach 'the other place,' fire and brimstone. Their mortal theories, their mortal doctrines, their mortal tendencies, their mortal ideas and opinions will keep them in superstition and lacks and wants and limitations by so doing, so long as they live according to the orthodox teaching of their ancestors. As I have often said, there was a time that your great-grandparents did not believe in electricity. They did not believe in an automobile. They did not believe in a telephone. All such things were foolishness; but as the light of understanding advanced, we advanced scientifically in this advanced Spiritual or scientific civilization.

"Why live in orthodoxy, in the ignorance of your ancestors? Why not go on to perfection? Those who are called the Christian world, of whom they say I AM, they are far and much farther, in a great measure, from the Light of the Truth than those who are not Christians. But as GOD, through HIS Condescension came, HE comes to the most insignificant; HE comes where HE is most needed, but yet HE presents HIMSELF Free to one and to all, the high and the low, the great and the small. All may come or go if they choose; for they have the same chance, each and everyone, as I explained it concerning the mystery of GOD'S chosen people. They are GOD'S chosen people, for in the early days of this history, they chose GOD.

"In this advanced Spiritual civilization, the most 'slaveric' people, the recent 'slaveric' people were those of the Afro-American, those of the Afro-British subjects and others who were enslaved. When and wheresoever there is much oppression and much hardship, there is where GOD will appear.

"The Jewish people many years before, they were classed as the most under-privileged in the early history days. The Afro-Americans and other Africans have been classed the same in recent years, in these recent years, in this last dispensation, even up until now. In this last century, and a couple of centuries back up until this present time, they are classed as the most insignificant, as the least among you. That is why GOD came to exalt the valleys, according to the prediction as given through the Scriptures:

HE shall exalt the valleys and bring the mountains low: HE shall make the crooked ways straight and the rough ways plain.

GOD through His Condescension will lift you up if you have been cast down, and that is exactly the reason why GOD came in the likeness of a BODILY FORM as HE came; yet your minds must transcend every mortal 'versionated' point of view, and recognize GOD impersonally and internationally or inter-denominationally among you. Aren't you glad? But humanly speaking, and speaking otherwise, after the mortal versions of men I came, answering their questions distinctly according to the Scripture, and they can see I AM the Actual Fulfiller, for the prophets, the seers and the sages predicted it. Aren't you glad?

'The least among you, the same shall be great.' 'He taketh away the first that He may establish the second." - 'Has not GOD chosen the dumb things of this world and the things that are not, to bring to naught the things that are?'

That is the reason I came without a Bible. I say, that is the reason for MY Coming without a Bible, without a hymn book, without a manuscript, without a textbook, without a prayer book. That is MY reason for coming without any mortal 'versionated' expressions. Aren't you glad? That is My reason for coming bearing no record, not any record of an education, according to the mortal version, that mankind might see their GOD, and

He that seeth HIM and believeth on HIM, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.

"Truly might have one caught the glimpse of the mystery by inspiration and said:

I heard the Voice of Jesus say, Come unto ME and drink of this Life-giving stream.

The composer first said:

I heard the Voice of Jesus say, I AM the water of life, Come unto ME, ye thirsty ones, Stoop down and drink and live.

That is why they come to me, for they are thirsty. That is why they come to ME, for they are hungry. They come to ME because I will feed them. I AM not feeding them so much and stressing the food so much from a literary point of view, although through MY Condescension, I did tell you all to return to school. Nevertheless, I AM feeding you from the Fount of GOD'S Omniscience without any human information. I AM doing away with all of the manuscripts, with all of the Bibles, with all of the text books, with all of the hymn books, that they might recognize GOD'S Presence. That is what it is all about.

"Men do not wish to see these things be, but they shall see them. They shall know GOD from this angle of expression: being the least among all the nations, languages, tongues and people, and the least in Person as a Person among each and all of them, from every angle expressible the least among them, yet they all shall see and know definitely GOD from this angle of expression is the Master of Omnipotency, the Controller of all mankind's destiny; the Controller of the intellectual world; the Controller of the financial world; the Controller of the political world. The Spirit and the Presence of GOD shall perform His Duty, for

the Government is upon His Shoulder.

I thank you once and forever, for I have declared it; now I have said it."

June 14, 1938 A.D.F.D.



"When you have this New Birth of Freedom and are born completely out of that Adamic state of consciousness and live in the consciousness of GOD'S Actual Presence and are made new creatures in reality and live our Constitution and enact our Bill of Rights and live the Sermon on the Mount and keep the Ten Commandments, the Government by the people, for the people and through the people shall not perish from the earth!

"It is a privilege to live in such a recognition. Although I AM right down here with them, they are trying to ignore MY Supernatural Presence! They are trying to ignore GOD'S Omniscience and Omnipotence! They are trying to ignore GOD'S Omnipresence and Ever Presence! Because they are trying to ignore GOD'S Omnipresence and Ever Presence, they must recognize MY Personal Presence and revere the GOD you all revere and love and know so well!"

June 2, 1952 A.D.F.D.



"As with that (the principle of mathematics), so with GOD. GOD is, with or without a BODY, but when through HIS Condescension HE takes on a BODY and develops HIMSELF in it, as was in the experience of the Body called, Jesus, He was the Son of GOD. It was a degree of GOD developed, and that degree was to the Sonship degree of GOD in the Flesh. It was made Flesh and it was GOD, and men beheld His Glory as the glory of the only begotten of the FATHER; so we do not necessarily have to especially depict GOD as a Person, but with or without a BODY, or with or without a Person, GOD is GOD, even as the principle of mathematics; but the principle is inactive, in a way of speaking, unless it is put forth into expression through and by a person.

"So it is with GOD from HIS Majesty and from HIS Omniscience. GOD is invisible and lies dormant - HE lies dormant to the great Universal Scheme of things until HE can put HIMSELF forth into expression in something visible or visibilated, or tangibilate Himself into outer expression. Hence, GOD becomes to be the Personification of that which HE is or that which HE was invisibly. The Word is made Flesh!

"So it does not have to be anybody particularly, and yet when it is brought to fruition it is visible and they cannot get around it. It is Wonderful! But whether or not it is observed from an individual point of view or from a universal point of view or from a collective point of view, it is equivalently the same it is the Principle with or without a Person. Hence, GOD remains the same today, yesterday and forever and HE accomplishes HIS Works according to the Faith the people have in HIM."

May 8, 1942 A. D. F. D.



"Oh it is such a privilege! GOD deals in the affairs of men. The Condescendence of GOD to them was to reach them on the plane wherein they are found, that the most significant, the insignificant, and most simple person might consider they can contact HIM. You notice, men will come to ME of that which is termed the lowest type - the most insignificant, the most illiterate, the most downtrodden, will come to ME, and even little children. Why? Because I Condescendingly came in an insignificant, and a meek, and a lowly way, that they might not be ashamed, nor afraid to come to ME. That is why I Came as I did! If I would have come in a great, noble, beautiful looking Body, many a little child, yea even the mother or father, of the lower quality or lower class as they may be termed, would have been afraid and ashamed to come to ME. It is indeed Wonderful! The Condescendence of GOD to man, was to reach all of them on all planes, coming down beneath them, that they might see ME as I AM."

FATHER DIVINE - July 17, 1935 A.D.F.D.







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