"This Is the Mission of Christ: To Get the Kingdom into the Hearts and Lives and the
Minds Of the Children of Men in the Way of Righteousness, Equity and Square Dealing."


FATHER DIVINE'S Message Given Whilst at the Holy Communion Table, Philadelphia Hotel, 764-772 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Wednesday Evening and Thursday Morning, August 26th and 27th, 1942 A.D.F.D., Time: 1:45 A.m.

Philadelphia Hotel, Circle Mission Church

Philadelphia Hotel, Circle Mission Church




Truly can we say in this Day and Dispensation of A.D.F.D. FATHER DIVINE, GOD ALMIGHTY, RIGHTEOUSNESS is marching on as never before! Men have never heard nor experienced this Righteousness that is being impregnated in the hearts and minds of the children of men who yield themselves servants to obey the higher Law and Standard of Perfection of GOD. In the pages of the weekly publication, THE NEW DAY, under the column headed 'Righteousness--Marches On!' is to be found further proof of this Righteousness of GOD taking firm root in the fertile soil of the disillusioned children of men; for it took GOD ALMIGHTY to come and redeem this world of sin and unrighteousness and set up a Righteous, Just and True Standard of Perfection for all to abide by.

Hence, under the Banner and the Leadership of the MASTER of OMNIPOTENCY, the Righteous Seed of FUTURE YOUNG AMERICA is being sown daily, and in days, months and years to come, this universe shall be transformed and completely renovated within and without, and GOD Alone shall be the Supernatural and Natural Standard of Perfection for all to copy after!


The foregoing statements are those of the transcriber, after which FATHER Speaks as follows:





Good health, good will and a good appetite; life, liberty and the reality of happiness! These and all other blessings, we have them, and we put them forth into expression. By so doing, with thanksgiving and praise, we multiply them!

Then I say, it is a privilege to be here in the unity of the spirit, of mind, of aim and of purpose; and when I say good health, good will and a good appetite, I AM speaking these qualities into expression in the consciousness of the people who are susceptive to receive them. And as we live in this Recognition and build upon this Foundation of absolute unselfishness, we tend to reproduce and bring into outer expression the very Nature and the Characteristics of your SAVIOR. By this the Government is upon HIS Shoulders.

It is a blessing to realize, when the Characteristics and the Nature of CHRIST are reproduced, when these qualities are reproduced and brought to fruition in the hearts and the lives of the people, there and then a Righteous Judgment has been established in the hearts and lives and the minds of the children of men.

This is it of which was spoken of by David in one of his Psalmic predictions, saying,

'Righteousness and Judgment are the habitation of HIS Throne!'

Since that is the place where GOD reigns, when righteousness is established in Judgment, and Judgment in Righteousness, with Equity and Square Dealing, there and then CHRIST will come and reign on the throne of the minds of the children of men and bring all their power into subjection to HIM!


The Mission Of Christ

It is distinctly known,

'Wheresoever a king reigns, there is where his kingdom is!'

This is the Mission of the CHRIST, to get His Kingdom into the hearts and lives and the minds of the children of men in the way of Righteousness, Equity and Square dealing. By the very experience of millions who are living exactly according to MY Teaching, we are actually filling the atmosphere in which we are living with this great Contagion. It will affect men of business, profession, labor and trade. It will not only affect us who are somewhat inclined to be religious after the manner of men, but it will go out into all the world and will bring them into subjection to this great Phenomenon; and GOD HIMSELF will eventually be reckoned in all of the affairs of the children of men! This is the way HE was to come and this is the way HE came! Aren't you glad! For this cause we rejoice and we are glad.

How marvelous it will be when all government universally shall have been overpowered by the OMNIPOTENT ONE and brought into subjection to these Fundamentals and the Attributes and Characteristics and the Nature of GOD; for

'Righteousness exalts the nation but sin is a reproach to any people!'

We are privileged to present to the world at large a demonstration of practical psychology inspired by the Spirit of MY Supernatural Presence, bringing into outer expression that long sought for Kingdom; for that which is on the within and unseen, I will bring into outer expression as you concentrate on the Perfect Picture.


Followers Do More Than Just Pay What Is Due

A little while ago you heard the reading of one of the letters especially stressful to be considered--a letter in reference to one who had paid a bill. It could not be deemed as an actual bill but as something he did not owe. But to build a foundation of Righteousness, Equity and Square Dealing, MY Followers go them one better than that of merely paying that which is justly due another fellow. Aren't you glad! They right their wrongs by righting the consciousness of theirs and others within; for the conscious mentality of the children of men is awakened by the great contact the dynamic Words make within. It awakens the very innermost innate nature and causes men to be inspired with the spirit of Science and Invention, with the spirit of an ambition to proceed, to launch out into many adventures, to accomplish that for which CHRIST came. For this cause we rejoice.

As I said, these letters that are published weekly under 'Righteousness--Marches On!' in the pages of THE NEW DAY publication, they are facts and figures too stout to be denied. I have often said in illustration, 'This (or that) is a fact,' and at times I say, 'These are facts and figures too stout to be denied!' But we have many facsimile letters figured out mathematically and accurately, showing you and all mankind definitely, what GOD has actually done for this people and what GOD is doing to bring about a Righteous Government and create a world you would like to live in.


Followers Will Turn In Anything They Find

You would like to live in a world where you would not be afraid of being undermined by your fellow men! You would like to live in a world where you would not fear losing anything. If you drop anything out of your pocket, if it is great or small, so long as it is your property, under this government that I have established in the hearts and the minds of the children of men, that which you have lost, matters not where you had lost it, it will return! That is what I AM talking about! It makes a way for PEACE on earth and GOOD WILL to- wards man, in that that honesty is enacted and executed. It will give you a GOOD WILL to- wards your fellow man that will express an act of honesty in doing something he is not obliged to do and something he is not required to do. It creates an atmosphere of harmony between you and your fellow man. Can you not see the mystery ?

Therefore, it is a true saying as the Wise men heard as though it were the angels singing:

'Glory to GOD in the highest and on earth PEACE, GOOD WILL toward men;'

It was an inspirationic, revelationic prediction of what we are now experiencing and what we are actually fulfilling; for I AM giving glory to GOD in the highest, in the actuated words of your expression, and I AM bringing PEACE on earth and GOOD WILL towards men by enacting and exerting and injecting and inserting.

Righteousness, Truth and Justice in the actuated words of expression.


Concerning One Person's Return Of $175 To The Welfare

Just think of what a pleasant feeling the Commissioner of the Welfare in this particular instance had towards the man, his fellow man, who came in voluntarily and returned the one hundred and seventy-five dollars that he was not required to return! It was not even expected, it was not considered until I instituted it by bringing it about in the hearts and the minds of those with whom he was concerned! When this became his concern, something with which he was concerned, he was moved with emotion within to realize honesty and righteousness must be somewhere in the hearts and lives of men who would be moved to do such a thing in all sincerity, without being obligated to do so, whilst he was forced into taking the dole by the hardships and trials and tribulations through the divers administrations that brought depressions, lacks and wants and limitations among the people, that caused them to seek the relief because they had no other hope of redemption.

But after many years had expired, GOD through HIS Condescension in Love and Mercy and Tender Compassion for humanity reached this one of whom I AM now speaking and called his attention to that which he had received--he should not have received apparently; according to MY Teaching it causes him to go back and right the wrong of three years where he had received relief!

I AM actually cleansing this generation by purifying and purging them as gold and as silver are purged! Aren't you glad! Truly might have one said,

'He that hath this hope in HIM

(or his hope in HIM)

Purifieth himself even as HE is pure!'
'Cleanse yourselves of all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting Holiness in the fear of GOD!'


GOD Has Come To Bring A Government Of Righteousness

GOD in Love and Mercy has truly come to bring about a mental and spiritual Sanitation of Perfection to establish the Kingdom of GOD on earth among men, which, in short, could have been said, the Government of Righteousness transmitted from the ALMIGHTY. I say, the Kingdom of GOD is the Government of Righteousness transmitted from the ALMIGHTY!--the laws and rules and regulations of the Supernatural Kingdom transmitted to humanity and brought into outer expression by bringing mankind into subjection to a Supernatural Phenomenon. Therefore, the Kingdom has truly come, for truly did JESUS say,

'The Kingdom of GOD is within you!'
'Charity begins at home . . . '

Yet the Kingdom cometh not with observation. You cannot observe it when it is coming, for it is supernatural, invisible, intangible and incorruptible, but GOD visibilates that which is invisible, or intangible, and visibilates that which is intangible, and brings it into outer expression and causes the supernatural and the invisible to become a living reality!

So long as it is intangible, invisible and untouchable, it is void as the earth was, in a way of speaking. It is not a reality until it is tangibilated and materialized. But when it is tangibilated and materialized, it is brought into the mental and the spiritual grasp of humanity so they might realize the reality of the Supernatural; for GOD causes the Supernatural to be made natural, for HE made HIMSELF Flesh! Aren't you glad!


GOD Has Fulfilled The Visions Of The People

Then I say, the Supernatural is made Natural so that it might be a LIVING FACTOR and a BENEFIT to and for all humanity. It could not be beneficial, practical and profitable for all humanity as it is, saving as it is made visible, tangible and practical. In the invisible and imaginary concept of the thing, it would only be as a vision or as a dream that has not yet been fulfilled. Can you not see the mystery? GOD has actually fulfilled the visions and the dreams of the people, those who have desirable dreams concerning the INFINITE, for GOD has made those dreams Real, Tangible and Practical and brought them into outer expression, and from the imaginary realm into the Recognition and the Realization of the tangibilated, materialized and practical realm on which we stand. And then we can say,

'Truly the Kingdom has come on earth among men, and GOD HIMSELF shall dwell with them and shall be their GOD and they shall be HIS People. GOD shall wipe all tears from their eyes!'

Can you not see there is not very much crying around here? Can you not see there is not very many weeping around here? They do not look very much like they are mourning around here, because GOD has wiped all tears from their eyes and has fulfilled the Revelationic prediction of John in that particular Scripture,

'And GOD HIMSELF shall be with them!'

It did not say HIS Son.


The Tabernacle Of GOD Is With Men--HIS Body

I cannot stress that thought too vividly, for you had thought it would be JESUS. Can you not see the mystery? But


the emphasis stressed on HIMSELF--"GOD HIMSELF shall be with them and be their GOD and they shall be HIS People!" Aren't you glad! It is something deeply to be considered, how GOD HIMSELF is actually with you and no longer merely to be considered the Son nor the angels alone, but GOD HIMSELF will be with you, for 'The TABERNACLE of GOD is with men and HE will dwell with them!' Can you not see the mystery?

In this particular quotation, it was not an abode for a short season, but 'GOD HIMSELF shall be with them and HE shall dwell with them, and they shall be HIS People and HE shall be their GOD!' Such a conviction is the belief, the recognition and the realization--in short, the rule that emancipates you from all of the conditions that I mentioned as described in that Revelation:

'GOD shall wipe away all tears from their eyes.
There shall be no more sorrow;
There shall be no more crying;
There shall be no more pain;
There shall be no more death!

Can you not see what it really means, the Reality of GOD among the children of men? And such a Recognition and Realization and such a Declaration will actually lift you out of those conditions of weeping, mourning, grieving and crying--of sorrow, misery and woe--of sickness and pain and death! Can you not see the mystery? Therefore, if belief in Jesus could heal the sick, and believing in Him, you could lay hands on the sick and they would recover, the knowledge of GOD is greater, is bigger and better. It is mightier because it is OMNIPOTENT. It is an expression in such a conviction. Such a belief in GOD, where GOD HIMSELF being Present, that belief will lift you above your other fellows and establish your going in the Land of the Living, and will give you your real emancipation from every undesirable condition!

This is not a supposition, but believe! Just take it! A belief in JESUS will do great things, but knowing GOD will give you ETERNAL LIFE!


Victory Over Death

JESUS said:

'This is life eternal, that they might know THEE, the only True GOD, and Jesus CHRIST, Whom THOU hast sent!'

To know GOD aright is LIFE ETERNAL!--I mean, it gives you victory over death! That is what I AM talking about!

Can you not see the strength in knowing GOD? That is a higher plane. That is the plane you sought and wept and mourned for, because you found it not. But now you have found it, I say, 'Rejoice in the LORD! Rejoice, Rejoice, REJOICE, and again I say, REJOICE! Let your moderation be made known to all men. The LORD is at hand!' When it is made known to all men, when they know the selfsame thing, it will heal and emancipate them and give then LIFE ETERNAL with victory over every undesirable condition, for it is a knowledge that is actually uplifting, transcending, perpetuating as well as purifying, sanctifying and glorifying! I thank you! I thank you! I thank you!








GOD is a free gift to the world. Any and all of the material on this and other pages may be copied and reproduced.

Use the material freely but respect FATHER DIVINE'S intent, which was and is, to provide us all with the keys to eternal health and happiness without cost or price. HE truly came as a free gift to the world, gratis to mankind.

It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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