"Eliminate Mortality Within You."
If you expect to live, then eliminate so much of mortality within you and let
spirituality substitute mortality with the advanced light of your understanding."





OFFICE TALK given by FATHER DIVINE To some of HIS Secretarial Staff In HIS Private Office of the
Circle Mission Church, Home and Training School, 764-772 S. Broad Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
Wednesday, December 25, 1946 A.D.F.D. Time 12:45 P.M.

FATHER DIVINE in His office.





Following a broadcast wherein it stated that many Japanese were killed in the recent tidal wave that brought destruction and devastation to a portion of Japan, FATHER brought out and revealed the mystery of why some countries are visited so frequently by Public Enemy No.1, and what the natives of these different countries should do to counteract such.

This profound Office Talk is the answer to many questions and will serve in the future as a panacea and bulwark against such destruction recurring from time to time, especially since every idol has been broken down and the foes cast out and GOD in the name of Americanism, Christianity and Democracy, is given a chance to Unite them all into ONE BIG FAMILY INDIVISIBLE and bring forth the BROTHERHOOD of Man through the recognition of the FATHERHOOD of GOD.

For Thy priceless Words of Wisdom, ALMIGHTY GOD, we humbly thank THEE!

(The foregoing statements are those of the transcriber, and the following is the Office Talk, with FATHER speaking firstly as follows:)




FATHER: The American people said the Japanese believed in this earthquake. They, the Japanese, do not think man did that. They do not blame anybody, and one thousand Japanese were drowned.

Secretary: YOU said once in a Message that there were too many people for GOD.

FATHER: Well, the mortality rate is so much higher in those countries than it is in this country and the mortality rating, therefore, all mortals are subject to death, and more death and the "other place" will follow where mortality rate is high, than where mortality rate is not so high. You see, that is the mystery.

Secretary: I don't quite understand what YOU mean when YOU say, "Mortality rate is high."

FATHER: Well, of course, where mortality is rated high, the death rate is high. From a physiological point of view, where the mortality rate is high in humanity among human beings the mortality rate would attract more of a death rate than a place where the mortality rate is low, because all mortals are subject to death. Therefore, by the virtue of the fact that mortality will attract and draw death in itself, without the right concept and knowledge of the truth to ward off death and destruction, death and the "other place" follows mortality.

Therefore, the mortality rate being high, the death rate would also be high! It follows the mortality rate, and by the momentum of mortality in its own self, it will attract and draw that which brings death! All mortals are subject to death. A transformation is the only propitiation and the only hope of the redemption of humanity. Therefore, in countries and places where the mortality rate is not so great, the death rate is not so great, and conditions do not exist so effectively as they do where the mortality rate is high.


Eliminate Mortality within You

Secretary: It seems to be a law of nature, doesn't it, FATHER?

FATHER: Sure. It is a common phrase, that "That which goes up, it must come down." So it is a wonderful thought. If you expect to live, then eliminate so much of mortality within you and let spirituality substitute mortality with the advanced light of your understanding so that you might overcome mortality's version and hence, overcome the results of mortality that follows mortality. One writer said, "And death and the other place' followed." It is something to consider.

So, where mortality rate is so great, where the families are increased and multiplied in the immediate families from fifteen to twenty or thirty, naturally in that country or place or vicinity the mortality rate is great or high and the death rate will follow in pursuit of mortality.

Secretary: You see, where so many people are raised like that, they don't have time to train them in the Virtues of CHRIST to eliminate that.

FATHER: That's right. You see, it is self-indulgence and human affection, lust and passion that create such a high mortality rate. The same as in the animalistic kingdom where the mortality rate is high; why, naturally in the making of the mortality rate, it is through the animalistic nature that creates and re-creates and multiplies mortality and therefore, the mortality rate is great in such places and you can expect the death rate to be great unless you have an understanding to even, say, to protect them or to prohibit the death rate or the death and destruction from following.

If you take it in the bird kingdom, we may speak after the manner of the bird kingdom inclusive with those of chickens and ducks and guineas and geese and all of the bird kind, where the mortality rate is great and they increase and multiply plentifully. You must have some understanding, or some understanding must come forth from some place to protect the increase and the multiplied ratings of those that are in the number of the mortality rating, or else they would get diseases, automatically attract diseases, by being so congested. Even together, they would stick close together and try to hover together even young chickens will do that. Unless it is some understanding to prohibit such, why, they would attract diseases and sickness of the kind that follows that species of animals of the bird kingdom and would cause sickness and disease to bring death to them by the wholesale, and destruction will follow.


A Natural Result

And as with the animalistic kingdom or bird kingdom, so with the man kingdom. Where the mortality rate is high, naturally the death rate will be high. Secretary: To keep them thinned out and make it livable.

FATHER: Sure. It was a time when there were too many people for GOD! For this cause I told Gideon to have them all get down and lap water like a dog. Yet I gave some the mind and pride no to want to do it, so they could be severed from the others that were willing to do it, so that there would not be too many people. Too many people create all sorts of physical germs of disease and ailments of different kinds and equivalently a complication and the congestion of the masses of the people with a great high mortality rating congested together and are too closely connected. It will create, as I said, mental and spiritual germs of vice and crime and sin and debauchery of every kind; for the mortality rating, when it is high, it automatically attracts such as would be to the appeasing of mortality and mortality's version.

Therefore, from a spiritual and mental point of view, humanity, where mortality rating is high, automatically create those tendencies of vice and crime and sin and debauchery and bring sickness and disease and afflictions, and the end thereof is death! For this cause I did say,

'All mortals are subject to death!'

That is why mortality, man, believes all men or mankind must die because they see it from the angle of expression wherein they are functioning and they observe mortality in them to be the ideal or standard of life and not to be something that must be eliminated. For this cause it is essential for man to be born again!

Secretary: If they could only see that, then humanity would realize, when they stop disobeying GOD and creating too many people for GOD, they would automatically have the opportunity to live and continue to live. They wouldn't need to be replaced.


How Would the World Continue?

FATHER: That is the question: "And how will the earth be replenished continue to exist if the population thereof ceases to increase?" They have had plenty of time to increase and replenish the earth, and if you eliminate the mortality rating within yourself and all of those tendencies and hereditive fancies and pleasures that are subject to death, you will be mortifying the deeds of the body as said the apostle, Romans 8:13, and,

'Ye shall surely live!'

But the mortality rating and tendencies and fancies and pleasures prenataled within you must be purged from you or out of you to overcome even the infirmities of your ancestors and hereditation, to give you the Victory over sickness, afflictions and diseases that were handed down traditionally.

Secretary: I didn't hear the first of Your Office Talk, FATHER, but when I heard YOU mention the mortality rating, I could verify what YOU said. I bear record of a professor that I personally knew, and he made a world tour and when he came back he told us of the things he observed in Japan and how the people multiplied like flies and how their daily living and habits were so bad. And the way YOU explained it to us and brought out about the mortality rating, it recalled that incident back to my mind; so you don't wonder why there is so much destruction in those countries.

FATHER: Sure, it attracts. That is where this discussion started from in reference to the mortality rating being high in China and in Japan and many things come to thin them out because of the mortality's rating. Therefore, to increase and multiply so fast and congest and make the community too congested with high mortality rating or rate, it causes the afflictions of sickness and diseases to follow for creating such, and then death and the "other fellow" follow, as said the Scripture. So death follows mortality wheresoever it is established. You see the mystery?

There are some who will bring about death and destruction by the wholesale as the mortality rating continues to increase and multiply and stand so high in its expression or activity in increasing and multiplying the people and bringing about such a congestion. So that is the thought of it.


Selfish Propagation Brings Sickness

So, if the people would only learn to live decently and rid themselves of human tendencies, fancies and pleasures of lust and passion, self-indulgence, human affection and selfishness and selfish tendencies of racism and nationalism and all of the isms that spell division, and yet selfishly propagating through mortality rating, the high number in the physical birth rates and the increase thereof would naturally bring such as afflictions, sickness and diseases among them by the congestion of the masses increasing and multiplying in the high mortality rate.

Secretary: You take New York City, FATHER, comparing Harlem and Park Avenue, the death rate is ten to one.

FATHER: Death is obliged to follow. It is a scientific discovery to give them to know definitely, where there is an increase in population or increase in your family not controlling birth and refusing to control self and self-indulgence, naturally you create conditions that result in death, for the wages of sin is death, and all mortals are subject to death!

Secretary: I wonder how the Bronx compares with Harlem?

FATHER: Equivalently. Where there is a high mortality rate, death usually follows according to the increase and the multiplication of the mortality rating. But of course, there is such a thing as a sanitary condition. The sanitary condition may prohibit quite a lot of sickness and disease and death if they have the proper training and comfort and the necessary convenience.

Secretary: Well, where sanitary conditions are improved, automatically the minds of the people become cleaner and they cease to propagate like that.

FATHER: Sure. Just as they cease to propagate vice and crime and human antagonism, and racism and division and strife; they cease to propagate by the mortality rate of their physical personal families.


Meaning of "Increase and Replenish the Earth"

(At this point, a secretary mentions the Scripture in the Bible where it says to replenish the earth.)

Another Secretary: When it mentioned in the Bible to multiply and replenish the earth, YOU meant for them to multiply and propagate Virtue and all of YOUR ATTRIBUTES, didn't YOU?

FATHER: Yes, because man was made in MY IMAGE and LIKENESS, Scripturally speaking, and they were to propagate and increase and multiply the VIRTUE of Righteousness and of Truth as exemplified in them. But through adultery, adulteration of that which I had given them, why, naturally they began to propagate and increase and multiply the earth with that of the mortality rating that came through and by self-indulgence. JESUS, the Great Love Master, after the manner of the Christian Religion, was and still is the SAMPLE and EXAMPLE for all humanity! HE IS THE WAYSHOWER TO SALVATION back to GOD and to the Garden of Eden from whence they were driven. And as with the showing of the way after the Birth, so with the showing of the way before the Birth. CHRIST was showing the people the way they should have been born in the beginning!

It was not planned directly for the earth to be replenished, increased and multiplied by propagation through self-indulgence and human affection, through lust and passion of man and woman! Mary was a Sample and an Example of how Eve should have been, and JESUS, the First Born among many brethren, came bearing witness how they should have been born! Not by self-indulgence, not by human affection, not by lust and passion! According to the Christian religion, Mary was a Virgin and yet she gave birth to the Perfect PERSON. And according to the Christian religion, the Perfect PERSON was not conceived by physical cohabitation, self-indulgence or human affection but by the overshadowing of the HOLY GHOST through concentration!

Some may say it was not true; some may try to refute or dispute it. Nevertheless, the record showed that a VIRGIN should bring forth a Child, one that was untouched by man, and it is the belief of practically all of the Christian world that HE was conceived by the HOLY GHOST, and by such a belief, we get our desired results, and through such, we get the VIRTUE and HONESTY and LOVE and DEVOTION to GOD that such a belief produces!


Foundation of the Christian and Jewish Faiths

Hence, if it would not be true, let it not be true after the manner of the mortal v e r s I o n , even if it brings the desirable results for the advancement of the light of living and a better understanding for humanity. Then let it be true in our consideration and establish it as a living reality, for it is true with or without the fulfillment of it physically. It has been established and verified mentally and spiritually, and that is the Foundation of all of the Christian religion, and even the Jewish Faith they have been founded upon such a version that was given to them, and that version may not have been considered to be fulfilled in JESUS to them, but yet they are still looking for the long-looked-for and sought-for Meshiach, the Messiah, the CHRIST!

Hence, if it was not true, it would not have been implanted in the soil of the souls of the children of men to be handed down traditionally, to keep them in hope of such being fulfilled. Such a desire would not have been inspired in the hearts and lives of men had it not been true and to be made real to them!

So the birth rate of mortality causes the death rate to be increased equivalently; hence, eliminate the birth rate and you will eliminate the death rate! Some do not believe in birth control, but if you can and will be self-controlled, why birth control will be controlled automatically as you are controlled or control yourself individually. So you do not have to have birth control! But control self and the birth will be automatically controlled! It is Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful!


Automatic Birth Control

Just think of the millions and millions of followers of MINE that have ceased to indulge in human affection, lust and passion and have been brought into subjection to Righteousness, Truth and Justice! In short, to unselfishness; and therefore, have been controlled by something Impersonal, and being impersonally controlled by that something within, why, they have brought self into subjection to them, and self being controlled by HIM who liveth forever and brings your whole being into subjection, therefore, birth control is not necessary saving as self is controlled! Birth is controlled automatically! It is Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful!

The mortality rating being great among men, as among animals, causes the increase in the multiplying of the race, the human race, and it also causes the increase in the multiplication of the death rate. Then, why worry if you find someone dying? I did say,

'Rejoice at the outgoing and cry at the incoming",

because the incoming will bring more death than that one death that is going if you will allow it to go on in mortality.

(With this last positive statement and a few more remarks from our precious SAVIOR, this profound Office Talk concluded.)








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